Beers of Vendée - Brasserie des Islattes à Jard-sur-Mer

Hiemal brewery of Jard-sur-Mer





The Brasserie des Islattes is Jard-sur-Mer's first artisan microbrewery, opened in 2016.
It is a small-scale production, making only a few thousand bottles a year.

The Brasserie des Islattes is also a hiemal brewery.
The beer is only brewed during the winter, as this season provides favourable conditions for brewing.

Due to its modest size, the Brasserie des Islattes does not have at its disposal the cooling methods that are necessary for summer brewing.

The Brasserie des Islattes is therefore a project undertaken from November to April.
However, the beers themselves are best consumed from spring to autumn.
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Brasserie des Islattes - 85520 Jard sur Mer - France
SIRET : 42272122500031